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  Smart Chain Coin
Earning Smart Chain coins is as easy as this:


1. Install the wallet on your cell phone.
2. Get your wallet’s Receiving Address for the Smart Chain coin.
3. Log in to the program on your computer’s browser and earn $1 every 15 minutes.
4. Get referrals and you will receive 30% of each claim your referrals get.
The more referrals you have, the more dollars you earn!

Step 1:  Install the Trust: Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet on your cell phone

1. On your cell phone, go to the Play Store and download and install the “Trust: Crypto & Bitcoin
    Wallet” app by DApps Platform, Inc.

2. Make sure you WRITE DOWN the 12 Recovery Words to verify them and PUT THEM in a SAFE PLACE!
    Suggest saving them in a Microsoft Office password-protected file, OR any other text editor, such as
    Notepad or LibreOffice (which is a free program).

3. Open the wallet app and click on the Smart Chain icon. Then click on “Receive” to get a Receive Wallet Address
    in your wallet for the Smart Chain coin.

    – You will use that receiving address EACH TIME you log in to the program on your computer.
    – Your receiving address will look similar to this: 0x7f72f9e900cd6881a44af29e9f366fdc6b4e315a
      (letters and numbers) for the Receiving Address
      EXACTLY AS YOU SEE THEM! If you send funds to the WRONG ADDRESS, they are gone forever!
      There is NO WAY to recover them!

Step 2: Using your computer, create your account for Axolotl Finance

1. Go to (If I am not your sponsor, then use your sponsor’s
    referral link to create your account.)

2. Paste, or type VERY CAREFULLY, YOUR wallet’s Receiving Address into the box.
3. Check the box in front of I’m not a robot.
4. Click on the Register/Login button.
5. Now you can claim $1 in $AXO every 15 minutes.

Step 3: Come back every 15 minutes and claim another 1 dollar

1. Go to
2. Enter your wallet’s Receiving Address, similar to this: 0x7f72f9e900cd6881a44af29e9f366fdc6b4e315a
3. Check the box in front of “I’m not a robot”.
4. Click on the Register/Login button.
5. Once logged in, every 15 minutes you can:
a. Check the box in front of I’m not a robot.
b. Click on the CLAIM NOW button to claim another $1.
6. In a few seconds, at the top of your screen, you should see “Congratulations!
You have successfully acquired one dollar.”

7. Right below the red CLAIM NOW button, you will see a timer counting down to let you know when
    you can claim another dollar (every 15 minutes).

    NOTE: After making a claim, if you leave the screen open instead of logging out, BEFORE you can claim again,
    you might have to REFRESH your screen. If you receive a message saying there was an “Error
    while connecting to the server,” just Refresh your screen and try again to claim your next dollar.


Scroll down towards the bottom of the page to see how much you have available to withdraw.
It is right above the green Withdraw Now button.

(As of 4 June 2021) Your balance should be more than $200 for withdrawal.

Keep up-to-date with program activities

Join the program’s Telegram group by clicking on the Telegram icon at the top of the screen.